8 Things to Expect from your IT Service Provider

8 Things to Expect from your IT Service Provider

Whether you’re the owner of a new business or the longtime CEO of one, you’ve likely looked into finding a provider for information technology (IT) service management. As the owner of a business, you have far too many things to be concerned with and IT management shouldn’t have to be one of them. However, for more business-minded people, the technical aspects can be a headache. That’s why we’re going to tell you the top 8 things to expect from your IT service provider

What are IT Services?

Before we jump right in, it’s important to understand what exactly IT services are and what they provide. As mentioned before, IT stands for information technology. Therefore, the point of IT services is to take care of all of your technological needs. This can include installing software, updating devices, repairing, troubleshooting, and even working to train existing staff.

For example, Locomotive Media excels in providing day-to-day IT support, Web Development, and project-based IT consultancy to organizations that do not have their support staff or who require assistance from their existing team.

8 Things to Expect from your IT Service Provider

Now that we’ve briefly explained what IT service management is, it’s time to talk about things to expect from your IT service provider. Below we’ll list the most important 8 items you should be looking for. The top three listed are the most important. Whereas items four through eight should be considered in the order you need them.

1. Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery should be an essential part of any IT service management. It must be offered by your IT service provider. To put it simply, disaster recovery prepares your business for events such as a natural disaster or human error. If for some reason your systems go down, your IT service provider will have a set of tools and procedures enabled to allow them to assist in the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems.

As soon as you hire an IT service provider, they should work to set up a disaster recovery plan and protocol.

2. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is also known as computer security or information technology security, however, they all boil down to the same thing: protection of your computer system from theft or damage. True cyber protection means your systems, programs, and networks are all secured against hackers and other attacks.

Even though technology has advanced a lot, devices are now more connected than ever. Security has increased in a lot of these devices as well but hackers and attackers are becoming more innovative. Your IT service provider must offer you top-notch cybersecurity.

3. 24-Hour IT Support

iWithout 24-hour IT support, the top two suggestions won’t even matter. If there is a disaster or a cyber-attack, you have to be able to get in touch with your IT service provider right away. Unfortunately, disasters don’t always happen on a weekday or between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Therefore, if your system goes down or experiences a problem at 3 am on a Saturday, you need to know that your IT provider will be there for you.

When looking for things to expect from your IT service provider, this should be at the top.

4. Application Development

Application development can help businesses save time and money. When your IT service provider offers application development, it means they can create a computer program or a set of programs specifically made for your business needs. This includes everything from calculating monthly expenses to automating your shipping. Application development allows your business to automate certain processes and increase overall efficiency.

5. Application Management

Application development isn’t much without application management. This is the support of the developed application throughout its lifecycle. While you can hire almost anyone to develop an application for you, it’s in your best interest to have one IT service provider that provides both application development and application management.

6. Website Development

Website development is the creation of an internet (public) or intranet (internal use) website. A good IT service provider will offer website development as part of their services. They can assist you in creating a website for your business that will help increase sales, customer retention, and brand recognition.

7. Website Management

Whether you have a website already or are having one created, website management is an essential part of a business. This involves the overall management of your internet or intranet site. If you are looking to update your current website or just need support available for it, website management is essential. Most businesses have their website in one way or another or are looking to develop one. Therefore, the IT service provider you choose must offer website management as part of their services.

8. Multi-Tiered Support

While multi-tiered support is last on the list, it is certainly by no means the least. Whether your business has been open for 10 years or just 10 months, you need IT support. A lot of companies provide basic packages that are either too small or way too big for your needs. That’s why multi-tiered support is important when looking for an IT service provider. You want to make sure that they can offer you the right IT support package to fit your business’s exact needs.

UK Based Businesses Looking for IT Service Providers

Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a large corporation in the UK, Locomotive Media is one of the best IT service providers in the country. They offer top-rated Manchester IT services as well as full support for many other locations in the UK.

What makes Locomotive Media different is that they are a developer-led company; completely staffed with developers and support engineers with extensive technical backgrounds. They provide day-to-day IT support, Web Development, and project-based IT consultancy to organizations that do not have their support staff or who require assistance from their existing team.

One of the best aspects of Locomotive Media is its attention to detail and quality. If you call with an IT issue or wish to discuss a new website idea, you won’t be routed through any salesperson first. You will always speak with a highly qualified and knowledgeable developer or engineer on staff.

Locomotive Media works to save you both time and money. They are focused on building long-lasting relationships with their clients and taking care of their every IT need. Whether your business is big or small, Locomotive Media can help. They offer packages to suit every business size and can even create personal custom packages to fit your needs exactly.

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